Our values

Our values

We live by the values that are important to every member of our team, and crucial to the proactive growth of Tidio. Our culture revolves around these core values and we actively strive to implement them.

We live by the values that are important to every member of our team, and crucial to the proactive growth of Tidio. Our culture revolves around these core values and we actively strive to implement them.

Validate quickly

We’re focused on ​continuous and effective verification of our hypotheses. We believe that failures are just tests that give us an opportunity to draw conclusions. We approach these insights constructively, using them as a database for future experiments. This attitude became a starting point of... Tidio’s development and continues to be one of the main engines of our company, enabling us to easily identify the most effective solutions and reject the ones that aren’t as good.

Develop yourself

Tidio values transparency of information, good flow of knowledge and a culture of mentoring. Thanks to this, we can inspire and learn from one another, regardless of experience or position. Being open to feedback is crucial to us; a constructive exchange of information is a solid foundation for grow...th. At the same time, we encourage people to learn, by offering workshops, offering access to conferences, the newest technologies, and world-class development courses, as well as sharing interesting publications in our Tidio Library. We support each other’s development because we have an ambitious goal ahead: we have to be the best at what we do. Tidio competes globally, with the best in the business.

Play for the team

A good team always knows what their goal is, and they make everything to achieve it together. We are building an environment, in which everyone can develop their individual predispositions, but always works with others to accomplish the mutual goal. Open communication in Tidio, and the fact that ...we create an original product, enables people to easily spot their effects and accomplishments, it also gives people an opportunity to track the development of the product and the environment around it, resulting in getting together for common goals.

Be data obsessed

Our decision-making process is always based on objective data, which allows us to constructively approach the analysis of our problems and is a key argument in our brainstorms and discussions. Being data-oriented, we always search for new sources of information and possibilities to test and verify o...ur ideas. Critical thinking and concentrating on what is objective and measurable, for us, is one of the indicators of professionalism.

Be fair

Our goal is to inspire people to take a responsible and ethical attitude towards others: it applies to in-team relations as well as towards our clients, business partners and potential employees. We can admit that we don’t know everything, but we are always driven by good intentions and respect to... the other person. Thereby we build an atmosphere of trust and security, and in these conditions, expressing expectations, constructive discussions and sharing knowledge are much easier.

Customer first

Tidio’s paramount goal is to offer our customers the best available product; providing a seamless user experience and a possibility for success in business. Aside from our polished live chat solution, we offer our customers engaged technical support, giving them the same interaction and help quali...ty, no matter which plan they are subscribed to. Everyone at Tidio knows who our customers are, and that we are where we are, still growing, thanks to them!

A-Players play with A-Players

We always strive to work with people who are experts in their field. People we can learn from and who can always “infect” us with their passion, ambition, and creative thinking. We want our teams to be built by people who not only equate themselves with our values, but will also add new quality ...and will enrich our culture with their personal experiences and their own perspective. For us, the biggest benefit that we can offer is the possibility of working with the best of the best!

Stay focused

Staying focused on one product and one group of its consumers, we improve our solutions and listen to our client’s needs with even more attention. We all know where we want to invest our energy, so we can become experts in what we do! Organising our work at Tidio we use “Team empowerment”, ...so our teams are able to independently set up their goals. The goals, which they plan on achieving in the nearest future and which they believe are crucial from their, and our company’s point of view. Thanks to this, even though there’s always lots to do, we single-handedly set up priorities - our experts know best, what is worth investing our time and energy in.

Do these values sound like yours?